What Our Customers Say

“Wait until you see the crud and waxes that wash off your produce when you use this. This is the best veggie wash!”

– Gary P.

“An amazing product when it comes to washing the veggies. Gets them clean, takes off waxy residue, and makes them taste fresh. Easy to follow instructions.”

– Rosie E.

“Great product – will keep using for years to come.”

– Steve T.

“I have used this spray for many years to clean all my fruits and veggies. All my produce looks better afterwards with all the wax and dirt removed. It smells great too. This is my favorite product to clean all my produce.”

– Grace S.

“Of all of the veggie wash brands we have tried so far, this one is our favorite.”

– Linda R.

“If you try Veggie Wash to wash grapes, you’ll learn why you need this product right away. Very satisfied and can’t live without it from now on.”

– Joe S.

“Smells yummy & definitely cleans great!”

– Irene J.

“This works great for all veggies and fruit… you can really see the dirt and then it just washes away.”

– Alice D.

“This rinses thoroughly. It cleans the waxes from the fruit very well.”

– Lisa K.

“We have mentioned many times that we wanted to buy a product to remove wax and other unwanted things off our fruit. This came highly recommended and works really well!”

– Jennifer G.

“I can definitely taste and notice the difference using this product. Great buy!”

– Josie R.

“Always cleans everything off fruits and veggies!!!”

– Sally K.

“Love using this on all fruits and veggies!”

– Fred A.

“Love this fruit and veggie wash! Great value and works great!”

– Ginny M.

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